Ceramic Coating Care & Maintenance

Ceramic Coating Care & Maintenance

Ceramic Coating Care & Maintenance

Applying a ceramic protective layer does not make it dirt, or contaminant resistant. It will still require regular car washes, but not as often compared to a factory clear coat. Without regular maintenance, dirt, pebbles and other small materials can get embedded in the ceramic coating. Without proper maintenance these materials can cut away the ceramic coating, therefore losing its hydrophobicity with time. Washing your car regularly can help protect and maintain your coating. Here are some useful methods when washing your car with ceramic coating.

Remove contaminants Immediately

Acidic contaminants such as bird droppings, tree-sap, or bug splatters can degrade your ceramic coating. Removing the contaminates will minimize the contaminants of your coating.

Dedicated Car Wash Products

Most household cleaning products can contain corrosive ingredients. It is recommended to use automobile developed products as they not only do not contain corrosive ingredients, but are also pH neutral. They can also be wax free which can also make it easy to clean your car, or prevent you from damaging the coating.

Hand Washing Your car

Before you start washing your car with a mitt or sponge, you should rinse it with water to remove any loose fragments.

  • Simply pre-rinse your vehicle to help avoid accidental scratches on the surfaces.
  • se the two buckets to prevent swirls from dirt and pebbles. One bucket for washing, and one for rinsing. The wash bucket contains the solution of water and an automotive-specific product. While the rinse bucket captains pure water.
  • Use a sponge or mitt to wash with mild soapy water solutions. It is recommended to start from the top to the bottom of your vehicle.
  • After cleaning, the mitt is dipped in the rinse bucket to remove any dirt, pebbles, and other contaminants it might have collected.
  • When the washing is done, rinse the car thoroughly with clean water.
  • Use a microfiber towel or a soft non-abrasive towel to finish drying.

Ceramic Coating Tips:

  • Annual maintenance checkup. Once a year, check in your car to the detailer who coated it. The detailer will utilize their skills to rejuvenate your ceramic coating and restore your car’s shine and protection if it is needed.
  • Use different buckets and mitts to clean the wheels. Not only are the wheels the dirtiest part of the car, and they contain brake dust. If you use the same mitts and water that cleaned the wheels and the ceramic coated paint, the brake dust could damage the coating. Rinse your mitt regularly when cleaning any section, and before cleaning another section.

Things to avoid when clearing your Ceramic coated Paint. 

Direct sunlight

There is always a high possibility that water spots, and streaks will form if washed under direct sunlight. You can simply avoid this by washing your car under the shade, or in a garage.

Automated car wash

The brushes in an automated car wash may cause damage to your ceramic coating. If  you have to go to a car wash, try a touchless wash.

Air drying

This method will most likely leave water spots which will stain your car. Use a clean microfiber towel to dry your ceramic coated surface.

Wax or sealants.

Do not use wax or use other sealants on your ceramic coating. Try to use ceramic coating maintenance products.

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