PPF Care & Maintenance

PPF Care & Maintenance

PPF Care & Maintenance

Dedicated Car Wash Products

  • Most household cleaning products can contain corrosive ingredients. It is recommended to use automobile developed products as they not only do not contain corrosive ingredients, but are also pH neutral. They can also make it easy to clean your car, or prevent you from damage.

Build Up

  • To help prevent dirt build up around the edges, dust and wax the film regularly. This can help maintain a glossy finish. Wax only with non-abrasive waxes and polishes such as carnauba or teflon based is recommended.


  • Always wipe down with clean and dust free materials like a microfiber towel when drying. You can use a toothpick to safely remove small buildup around the edges as well.


  • Avoid picking on the film’s edges. Once lifted, it will not lay back down properly without some damage. Avoid wiping, or cleaning in direct sunlight when the film is hot or in the sun for a long period of time.


Buffers and Polishers

  • Avoid using any abrasive hard-compound waxes or polishers. Using these in conjunction with a high-speed power buffer, or polishing equipment will damage your film. There is a high change of burning, or edge lifting.

High Pressure

  • If using a high pressure water hose to wash, keep at least 1 meter away from the edges and surface. This will help prevent edge lifting or surface damage.


  • Avoid using any sort of degreaser, clay products, or dyed sealants to clean the surface of your film. Sealants would most likely create a dull appearance. Degreasers could also have adverse effects in direct sunlight.

Abrasive Materials

  • Don’t use any abrasive scrubbers or sponges. Rubbing excessively or, using excessive force while cleaning, or drying is not recommended. Damage can occur so it is best to avoid these types of materials when washing or drying.
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